Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Paul clearly had a special concern for the Roman believers. In fact, he longed to see them. This longing helped establish his direction and priorities.

Paul eventually did see these Romans, but his journey may have taken a different direction than he might have envisioned. In fact, his road to Rome eventually led through persecution and suffering.

Does this mean that he was wrong to long to see the Romans? No. In fact, this was part of God’s plan, and how He used these longings for His Kingdom.

Along the way, Paul had the opportunity to preach the Gospel in many places. To minister to thousands of Jews and Gentiles. To establish principles that would be the foundation of the church. To witness to others about the reality of his faith.

Yet this journey also included ordeals and challenges. It required him to stay focused on hearing from God and following His leading, day by day.

Longings can play an important part in our lives. Some of these may be self-centered interests or subjective desires. But some may be part of God’s plan.

As we follow His leading, we may only see the surface. But we also may be surprised to discover that we are being led in ways that are different than we anticipated. As we commit our lives to God, we need to be confident that He will direct our steps, and use these longings to accomplish His purposes.

In your life, make sure that you commit your dreams and desires to God. Ask Him to direct your paths. Continually renew your relationship with Him and ask Him to fulfill His plans for you. His answers and His direction may surprise you. He may take you places you may not anticipate. But always know that you can trust Him.