Living for God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The Nazi armies seemed invincible. Invading the Soviet Union, only the city of Leningrad (modern St. Petersburg) stood in their way. The battle raged, day after day, and the death toll and destruction mounted.

In many ways, Dmitri Shostakovich was just one of the citizens in this besieged city. He also was among the most acclaimed composers in the world. While serving as a fireman in the Civil Defense, he dedicated much of his free time to writing music. One result was his Seventh Symphony, which was performed for the first time on this date in 1942.

More than just a piece of music, this symphony symbolized hope for all who fought against the Nazis, even in the U.S., where it was performed to enormous acclaim. (Shostakovich himself was featured on the cover of Time magazine.)

Amazingly, this music influenced the outcome of the war, giving encouragement to beleaguered people everywhere.

Shostakovich later told of another, perhaps surprising inspiration for this music: “I began writing it having been deeply moved by the Psalms of David.” When he read the Psalms, Shostakovich took comfort in the fact that God “doesn’t forget the cries of victims.” He even urged that the Psalms be read before every performance of his Seventh Symphony.

In your life, you may feel that ungodly people have the advantage over you, and that the forces of evil will triumph. But God knows what you are going through. Continue to do His will, declare His promises to be true in your life, and believe Him. You can be confident that He will protect you and bring you victory. Trust in Him today!