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Claude Monet was dazzled. Already one of the premiere artists of his time, he was overwhelmed at an exposition in Paris in 1889 at the spectacularly colorful water lilies that had been cross-bred by botanist Joseph Bory Latour-Marliac.

He decided to create a garden near his home to feature these lilies. This became a place of incredible beauty, and a popular tourist attraction. One particular feature was accessing the garden by taking an underground passage, which led under a road. Hundreds of visitors traveled this road, hoping to get a glimpse of the garden, called by one journalist, “the domain of the water lilies.”

Monet succeeded in creating a garden that was pleasing to the eyes while also providing himself with subjects to paint. This garden became a focal point for his creative energies for most of the last years of his life. Painting these lilies consumed him, frustrated him, challenged him. But ultimately this project captured his heart and mind, so dedicated he became to painting these lilies, and the environment in which they existed.

Monet’s lilies were different from the lilies described by Solomon. But the appeal must have been similar. To the man in this relationship, his woman was precious to him. He described her in comparison to flowers. As “the rose of Sharon,” but also “the lily of the valleys.” Compared with others, she stood out, “like a lily among the thorns.”

This language is more than just romantic imagery; it provides a picture of the relationship between God and His people, between Jesus and His bride. It shows the great love that He has. He looks at us with loving eyes. He cares about us. He treasures His relationship with us. In fact, He loved us so much that He died for us.

How can we resist a love so great!