Like a Green Olive Tree

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Olive trees were important symbols in the Bible. These trees grew slowly, but continued to bear fruit even after they aged. Tyndale’s Illustrated Bible Dictionary notes that an olive tree “often attains an age of several centuries if left undisturbed. If cut down, new shoots spring up from the root, so that as many as five new trunks could thus come into being.”

These trees were known for being “prolific,” because they were useful in so many applications. Their wood helped build the temple. Its oil was used to light lamps, and for anointing, commerce, and dressing wounds.

David thought about olive trees when he wrote Psalm 52. At the time, he was being hounded by Saul. Although running for his life, he still realized that he was “like a green olive tree in the house of God.” Trusting in Him, he could remain firm, confident, and at peace.

This is a picture of God’s desire for us. He works on us in ways that may seem slow, but He is always teaching us deep things, eternal truths. He is refining our minds and hearts, and working on our flaws. He is changing our character, molding us to be more like Jesus, and weaning us from the things of the world.

Jesus described this process as “abiding” in Him, drawing our strength and nature from Him. Pruned from distractions and imperfections. Refined. This process enables us to bear fruit, the kind of fruit that will last (John 15:1-16).

Today, ask God to help you be like a green olive tree. Let Him shape you, teach you, mold you, guide you. The more you cooperate, the more He can make you strong in Spirit, durable, prepared, anointed, and a blessing to others.