The Light of the World

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Even as a child, William Holman Hunt spent considerable time reading the Bible.

Born in London in 1827 to a Christian family, he was fueled by this inspiration, and began dreaming of becoming an artist. Through many struggles he realized that his only hope was in Jesus. And he felt inspired to use his talents to use art to teach Biblical truths.

Around 1850, he began working on a painting that symbolized what Christ meant to him, and the importance of salvation. He called the painting, “The Light of the World.” Hunt later commented that he intended “to show how the still small voice speaks to a human soul in the turmoil of life.”

He sensed how important light was, both to this painting and to the Christian life. So he painted at night, with only a lamp to give him light. He wanted to feel darkness, and the impact of light.

As author Cynthia Pearl Maus had described, in this painting, Hunt focused on light in two ways. There was a lantern in Jesus’ hand representing “the light of conscience,” revealing sin with a fire that “is red and fierce.” The other light was in His face. Hunt wanted people to understand that He was the “Light of the world,” and that He was standing at the door of their hearts, and ready to come in (Revelation 3:20).

Today, more than ever, the world needs the light of the Gospel. Jesus is at the door, of people in every nation. He is ready to bring salvation, joy, and peace. He waits for men and women to invite Him in. Dedicate yourself to bringing this light to the World. And seek to live in that light!