Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Every day we make decisions. About practical issues. About major and minor matters. About what to do, or not do. In each situation, we naturally select the options that seem best. However, looking back, we can realize how often decisions that may have seemed right turned out wrong.

As we face forks in the road and ponder our options, it might not be clear what we should do. How do we know what to choose?

David realized that some of his past decisions had been wise, but admitted that some were foolish. He discovered a simple principle: With God there was a “fountain of life.” He was the Source. His ways did not always make sense to David’s human mind, but he realized that God’s ways always were best.

David learned to recognize the importance of light that only God could provide. He realized His light would point toward the right paths and enable him to see clearly what was going on. This light also would alert him to danger and people to avoid.

If he wanted to “see light,” he had to come to God, for “in Your light we see light.” This meant filling his mind with His Word. Living according to His principles. Spending time in prayer, committing his decisions to Him. Listening to Him. Being sensitive to the searchlight of His Spirit.

These same principles are true for you. If you want God’s help in making the right decisions, make Him “the fountain of life.” Seek His light that you might “see light.”

David would tell you that you never should forget to seek God’s Light. And why you should dive deeply into His Word, seeking His revelation. Why you should bring every situation before Him, big or small. Confident that He is ready to help you, no matter what you face.