A Life of Power

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

When Marco Polo arrived in China in 1275, he discovered a multicultural empire filled with people of many religions. However, China’s leader, Kublai Khan, had a strong interest in Christianity. His wife, in fact, was a Christian. Khan once told Polo that the Christian faith was the “truer and better” and took precedent over other religions.

When asked why he didn’t declare himself a Christian, Khan explained that he’d seen that other religions had supernatural power. But based on his observations, he didn’t believe that faith in Christ would preserve him from poison or from spells cast by “sorcerers or shamans.”

Unfortunately, Khan was familiar with a Christianity filled with doctrines, but without power. While respecting the teachings of Jesus and Christian morals, he couldn’t wholeheartedly endorse the religion. What he wanted was something real…something powerful. Khan wanted was the kind of Christianity described in the Bible—a life of power! Not weakness, but strength, miracles, and the supernatural.

Concerning Christianity, the world still looks for proof, validation, and people with a vital faith who don’t just talk about what they believe but put their faith into practice. The world is looking for people who have real answers and whose lives are charged with the supernatural!

Today, don’t limit God, but let Him use you to change the world. Be bold and ready to step out in faith. Remember: You serve the true, living God, the One who created the heavens and the earth. Believe Him for mighty miracles in your life!