Life-Changing Encounters

Life-Changing Encounters

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Blaise Pascal had a brilliant mind. A child prodigy, he did pioneer work in mathematics and helped develop concepts in probability. While somewhat religious, he had his own ideas, stressing good works.

Then his life changed on this day in 1654. Late one evening, he saw an amazing, mystical site that lasted for about two hours. This vision transformed his life. Immediately, he wrote about this experience and how amazing God is.

For the rest of his life, Pascal carried a piece of parchment sewn into his coat as a reminder that he found joy not from the philosophers and scholars, but from eternal life he found from knowing “the only true God and Jesus Christ.”

Ironically, he may be most famous for what is called “Pascal’s Wager,” his argument that we should believe in God because it is the best bet. If He exists, Pascal argued, we have everything to gain
by believing in Him.

Others have had life-changing encounters with God without the need for a wager. We think of the apostle Paul. After encountering Jesus on the road to Damascus, he had no doubts. He knew that Jesus was real and that He had been sent by God.

Today, make sure you are confident about your relationship with God. Is He real to you? Are you being transformed by His presence? Take time now to be sure of your personal relationship with Jesus Christ.