Liberty to the Captives

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Many things can hold us captive-literally controlling our minds, shaping our thoughts, dominating our schedules, and determining our values.

We can be obsessed with the lusts of the flesh or the craving for pleasure. We may be in the grip of bad habits. We can be trapped in abusive relationships. We can be wracked by emotional trauma or stress. We can feel the weight of financial need. We can be overwhelmed by pressures on the job. We can face challenges for which we feel inadequate. We can be controlled by fears or anxiety, worry or doubt.

If any of these situations describe you, remember what Jesus said that day in Nazareth during the opening days of His ministry. He declared that He had been sent to free us from anything that controls us! This means freedom and liberty for every kind of captivity-mental and physical, emotional and financial.

Today, ask God to show you if anything has captured your thoughts and emotions. If you are held captive by habits or thoughts, realize that Jesus came to set you free!       You might feel that you’re imprisoned in a job, or you may feel controlled by a financial burden or by emotional turmoil. No matter what the troubling situation may be, realize that Jesus was sent to release you from bondage.

If you are under the weight of guilt, doubt, or worry, realize that Jesus came to free you, forgive you, and pardon you. He can make your sins disappear, as if they had never been committed.

Don’t allow yourself to remain a prisoner. Jesus came to give you liberty and freedom. Allow Him to set you free…right now! He is able, ready, and waiting for you to turn to Him.