Leaning on Jesus

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

How to respond to the challenges of life? What to do when we face problems? Isaac Watts described the answer in a hymn inspired by the Song of Solomon.

Watts, born in 1674 in southern England, knew that we may have sorrows and distress in this life. But in this hymn, “Who is This Fair One in Distress,” he reminded believers that we can lean on our “belovèd Lord.”

As the Song of Solomon reminds us, we have entered into a love relationship with Jesus. That we are His spouse, “bought with the treasure of His blood.” And Watts knew that He loves to hear our voice, even with our requests and complaints.

But Watts knew how easily we can be distracted and find ourselves with weakened affections. His prayer was, “O let my name engraven stand both on Thy heart and on Thy hand.” That Jesus would “seal me upon Thine arm, and wear that pledge of love for ever there.” His love was “stronger than death” and nothing on earth could quench the fire of that love.

Watts knew that the imagery of Song of Solomon has particular relevance for believers. In his day, and ours, many approach their faith as more of an obligation. Part of a tradition. A religion largely of rituals and rules.

How everything changes when we are in love with Jesus! When we realize that He views believers as His bride. When we see the picture in Heaven of the “marriage of the Lamb,” knowing that, just like a bride, we are to make ourselves ready for Jesus! (Revelation 19:7). Like a bride in love, we are to be adorned for Him (Revelation 21:2).

In every situation you go through, remember that Jesus is with you. He loves you, and loves to hear your voice. Lean on Him. Trust in Him.