Knit Together

Knit Together

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Paul described God’s kingdom as people who have been “knit together.” The Kingdom can resemble well-made fabric, with the uniting of many different threads.

On the surface, the threads might consist of many colors and thicknesses. Some stretch vertically. Others are horizontal. In many ways, each thread can appear unique. Yet there is a harmony of design as elements are woven into a whole.

This is similar to the way God knits together His people. We are not the same. We have many personalities and interests. On the surface, there seem to be conflicts. Yet in God’s sight, we are designed to work together.

We are being knit together in love by God Himself. We don’t oppose each other; we just accomplish different aspects of the same mission.

As He builds the church, God calls each person to focus on the role He gives us as individuals. He wants us to be the thread He has created. We might look different from others. We may not agree. But as we surrender our lives to God, we will realize that He has a special pattern for the whole body, knitting us together according to His design.

As we trust Him, He can harmonize each person with other believers. Seek to fulfill God’s special design for you. Don’t look at other believers as rivals or competitors but as parts of the same fabric knit together by God into something beautiful.