Who Keeps You from Victory?

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

God had promised the Israelites victory over every adversary, but Judah was not able to experience this total victory. They could not drive out the inhabitants of Jerusalem. But this tribe was not alone. For example, Ephraim “did not drive out the Canaanites” (Joshua 16:10). Similarly, Manasseh faced Canaanites who “were determined to dwell in that land” (Joshua 17:12).

Why were they so hard to defeat?

“Canaanites” is from a word that means “to bend the knee, to humiliate.” They represent people who dominate our culture and who appear to hold every advantage. “Jebusites” is from a word that means “trodden or threshing place.” They stand for the status quo. Their ways are entrenched. They seem invincible.

For us, these people symbolize the forces who oppose us, the people who try to block victory in our lives.

Many Christians have this kind of defeat. They believe in God, attend church, read the Bible, and pray, but do not seem to experience victory. Perhaps, they allow the “Jebusites” and “Canaanites” in the world to overwhelm them and make them discouraged.

As He did for the Israelites, God can cause us to be victorious and defeat every adversary. To possess the land. The strategy is the same strategy He gave to the Israelites. To learn His Word, and believe that every promise is true. To obey Him. To have faith and put our faith into action. To refuse to be sidetracked.

In your life, believe these principles are true for you. Do not accept defeat or be discouraged. Instead, renew your faith in God, and keep pressing on. As you persevere, believe Him and trust Him, confident that He will grant you victory.