Jesus Is Sending You

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

In 1964, a young woman in New York City was stabbed. Thirty-eight people witnessed the attack, but none called for help. Driven to understand this reaction, two psychologists conducted tests to analyze this “bystander problem.” They wanted to know more about how people respond when they see others in need.

In his book, The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell describes the surprising results. In these tests, when only one person was available to help someone in need, the person responded 85% of the time. But when witnesses thought that others were available to help, they responded only 31% of the time. The conclusion was that “the one factor above all else that predicted helping behavior was how many witnesses there were to the event.”

Many did nothing, simply because they felt that someone else would act.

Some have a similar attitude toward the work of the Gospel. They assume that someone else will do the work. Someone else will give their resources. Someone else will pray. Someone else will witness to the Lost.

But the Bible makes it clear that God has given each of us unique talents and resources and unique opportunities to impact others. We are held accountable for what we do as individuals.

Right now, think about all that God has given you. Consider the opportunities in your life. Are there people you could touch with the Gospel? What are you doing with the time, talent, and treasure God has given you? Seek to be faithful with your assignments and your resources. Remember: Jesus has sent you!