Humility and Favor

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

“Incompetent and lazy, vain as a peacock, arrogant.” This is how writer William Shirer described Joachim von Ribbentrop, Nazi Germany’s foreign minister from 1938-1945. Another person spoke for many when she wrote, “I detest him. He terrifies me. He could walk over dead bodies.”

Ribbentrop spent his life ruthlessly pursuing his goals. Driven to impress others, he never hesitated to use people to advance his career.

For example, one Jewish couple had been helpful in his career, but when they faced trouble, he did nothing. Although his natural parents were reasonably well off, he convinced his aunt to “adopt” him so he could add “von” to his name, just to gain added prestige and influence.

In the end, it might be said that he was “successful,” for he held important positions and became famous and wealthy. But his life ended wretchedly when he was executed for war crimes. Today, we see all too clearly the tragedy of a life spent pursuing the wrong goals.

Many in the world are following the same patterns—focused on their careers; driven to impress; willing to compromise, lie, and deceive; ready to take advantage of others.

But God offers another way to success—a way exemplified by Esther. She lived a life characterized by selfless humility. She listened to advice and honored her superiors. She let God direct her path. She was willing to put her faith into action. As a result, God blessed her with favor…from everyone!

Would you like favor in your life? Favor from God? Favor in business? Favor in relationships? Favor in finances? Then follow the example of Esther. Seek to be humble. Listen. Seek to serve God with your life.