How We Finish

How We Finish

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Unfinished. A word used to describe a great symphony written by Franz Schubert. Today admired as one of history’s elite composers, Schubert gained little recognition during his life.

Born on this day in 1797, he died when he was only thirty-one years old. Few people living at that time could have imagined what musical riches he left behind. Gradually, often by accident, compositions were discovered. Some had been bundled in cupboards and cellars. His Unfinished Symphony was found in a chest. Five symphonies were unearthed in a publisher’s house in 1867.

As his music was discovered, later generations marveled at the quality of his work, amazed at how few of his contemporaries had recognized his genius. But they also considered the tragedy of his life. How could a man so brilliant have been so unappreciated and overlooked?

Schubert left an incredible legacy of music, but it is hard not to think about the loneliness of his life. Despite all he wrote, he left so much unfinished. One wonders what more he could have done.

Each of us can consider the fruit of our lives. Indeed, what is God’s purpose for us? Toward the end of his life, Paul could state with confidence that he had “finished the race.” He was sure he had been faithful to complete God’s calling.

Think about your life? Have you left anything unfinished? Are you finishing the race that God has designed for you?