How Real is God to You?

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Recently, the son of a Christian leader admitted that he no longer believed in God, describing himself as a “post-Christian.” His new “religion?” Secular humanism.

Today, it seems that more people openly are declaring doubt and disbelief in matters of faith. People from all backgrounds. Like a respected professor who recently said that he finds “no evidence from the methods of science for the existence of God.” Therefore, “as a scientist” he concluded that God does not exist. Bestseller lists include books that argue the same conviction.

In many ways, enemies of the Gospel seem bolder than ever, and more willing to criticize Christians. We are being told that our beliefs are foolish. These defiant claims can upset the most devout believers, and even make mature Christians question their faith. How do we respond?

Consider what Peter and John did when their faith was challenged. These disciples were resolute and “confident.” Why were they so sure? Because of their personal relationship with Jesus. No argument could convince them that He was not real. They knew Him intimately. He had changed their lives.

Today, how would you respond if you were challenged? If you were confronted by a sceptic? Is your faith strong? Are you depending on tradition? Or have you had a real encounter with Jesus Christ? Do you have an intimate relationship with Him or just a second-hand faith?

Spend time alone with God! Seek Him. Read His Word. Get to know Him more intimately! And get ready! If you are attacked, don’t back down. Be bold and fearless, and share your testimony with confidence. He will protect you and give you victory.