How Great Is Our God

How Great Is Our God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

John Quincy Adams, son of America’s second president, achieved fame as the sixth president. Adams was known for being outspoken about his Christian faith.

Concerned for the spiritual health of his children, he began studying the Bible with new intensity, desiring to teach them scriptural principles. He wrote a series of letters to his son stressing the importance of Bible study. While writing these letters, Adams filled his diary with thoughts concerning faith.

These efforts made him more convinced about biblical truth. In October of 1826, he entered communion with his church in Quincy, Massachusetts, a step he conceded he should have taken thirty years before. During the service, he made a public confession of his faith.

Sometime during his career, he wrote a hymn, “O Lord my God! How great art Thou!” He saw God as crowned with honor and glory. Adams realized that He had made “spirits and angels,” and laid the “earth’s foundations.” He was able to “retire” floods with just a word. His hand was everywhere, establishing the boundaries of nature and nations.

Adams realized that everything comes from God. He saw all of God’s words as holy and knew everything depended on Him. He called all creation to praise Him: “His praise let morning sing to night, and night to morn repeat His praise.” His legacy should impact all generations. Study God’s Word. Be guided by His principles. Sing His praises.