Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

In the original Hebrew, the title of the book of Lamentations is “How?” This also is the first word of the book (and the first word of chapters two and four). This emphasis on “how” gives us important insights into this book’s character.

This is a book of lamentations, filled with regret and sorrow. This tone is clear from the opening sentences. The city formerly was “full of people” but now sits “lonely.” All alone. Abandoned. Without joy, the people wept bitterly, and had no rest.

How had this happened? How had a people with so much lost everything? How had people chosen by God find themselves forsaken by Him? How had their joy turned to sorrow?

Lamentations describes the transition that had taken place, reminding His people how they had rebelled against God. Rejecting His words, they had gone their own way. Once confident and secure, they turned their backs on Him and defied Him. Reaping what they had Sown, they experienced His rejection. He no longer was there to rescue them.

But Lamentations also reminds us that God is merciful. Even when we reject Him and rebel against His ways, He still is willing to welcome us back, and restore us.

Do you ever wonder how certain things have happened in your life? These are times to ask, “How?” To look deep into your soul. To examine your attitudes and actions in light of God’s Word. To confess your sins, and humble yourself before Him.