Honor and Remembrance

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

As the account of David’s life comes to an end, the Bible stops to honor the men who contributed to his success. He accomplished much in his lifetime, as a soldier and king, a shepherd, poet, and musician.

While the Bible richly details David’s many accomplishments, the account in 2 Samuel 23 demonstrates that he owed much of his success to the brave and selfless service of others. These were his “mighty men.”

These included men who defied the armies that had gathered against them and who stood alone boldly when outnumbered by the enemy. Men who refused to run, but took a stand when others were fleeing in fear. Men who “broke through the camp of the Philistines, and drew water from the well of Bethlehem” and brought it to David. Men who singlehandedly killed lions.

How easy it would have been for David to have taken all the credit for his accomplishments and overlooked such men. But he knew better. He knew the truth. And so did God.

The same principle is true for every successful leader. Every president and general. Every manager and head of a successful corporation. Every pastor, coach, or teacher. In fact, all leaders depend for success on the efforts of others. They depend on their staff or aides. Their players or workers. This includes many who remain anonymous.

In many nations around the world, this is a day dedicated to honor such men and women—the “veterans” who have served their country. Many of these veterans were wounded, and some even lost their lives in the fulfillment of their duty.

May this be a day to honor these men and women. To show appreciation. But also to dedicate ourselves to being faithful servants, not seeking to get honor or praise, but to serve. It’s an opportunity to remember Jesus’ words that the greatest among us are those who are servants (Matthew 23:11).