Holy Saturday

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Can you imagine the thoughts of Jesus’ disciples the day after He was crucified? Certainly, their minds were filled with questions. Their hearts must have been anxious. They were a hunted people. They felt alone, facing the hostility of the Jewish leadership. As Jesus had prophesied, His “sheep” had been scattered.

These were the moments that inspired Swiss painter Eugene Burnand (born in 1850) to paint “Holy Saturday.” In this brilliant painting, three of the disciples sit, while the other eight stand nearby. All of their faces are serious, even grim. Much of the focus seems to be on Peter, pictured on the far right, who has buried his face in his hands, overcome with emotion, pondering the sad reality that he had denied even knowing Jesus just a few hours earlier.

These men could not have known that everything would change again within a matter of days—that Jesus would rise from the grave, that they would be imbued with power when the Holy Spirit was poured out on them, that this feeling of hopelessness would be replaced by triumph.

The images in Burnand’s painting, symbolize life for every Believer—the moments when we recognize our human nature and just how helpless we are without Jesus; when we realize the impact of sin; when we consider the mistakes we’ve made; when we see how unworthy we are. Then, just as it did for the disciples, the miracle of Jesus’ Resurrection can change everything for us!

Today, ponder anew what life would be like without Jesus. Remember how wonderful it is to have your sins forgiven. Trust in Him. Celebrate His glorious Resurrection. Overwhelming victory is yours, because of Him!