Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

David felt hopeless. Forsaken. Trouble was all around him. He had been mocked and insulted because of his faith. Enemies seemed everywhere, and he felt that “the congregation of the wicked had enclosed [him]” (v. 16). He sought God but had not seen evidence of His intervention.

Yet he still realized that no one else but God could help him. Looking back, he remembered that God had been with him in every situation, even “from my mother’s womb” (v. 10).

As he remembered His faithfulness, David realized that he could depend on God. He was David’s strength. He determined to praise Him no matter what others said.

He realized that God was listening to him. He would answer his prayers and meet his needs. And he realized that dominion belongs to the Lord. No matter how things appeared, God is sovereign, reigning over all the earth. David might have felt hopeless, but God still was there, listening.

Today, you may be anxious and afraid. Worried or filled with doubt. You may face situations that seem hopeless. Nothing may seem to be going right. Do not give in to despair. No matter what appears on the surface, remember that God cares for you. Remain faithful, confident that He will bring you victory.

Declare the promises of God, and start praising Him! God was with David when he was going through uncertain times, and He is with you right now.