Ready to Hear God’s Word

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

During the time of Amos, Israel rejected the messages given by God’s prophets. He tried to speak to them, but they would not listen. God’s own people didn’t want to hear His voice, telling His prophets not to prophesy. Showing their disregard for His Word, they even told the Nazirites to drink wine, not caring about their promises to God.

There are people in every generation like this. Instead of seeking God, and obeying His Word, they reject anything in the Bible that they don’t understand or agree with. They don’t accept anything that doesn’t line up with their opinions.

Sadly, many people today have this attitude. Even Believers. Even people who feel that they are followers of Jesus. They form the habit of being selective about what they believe and act upon. They feel free to pick and choose the Bible verses they will obey, reserving the right to reject the ones they dislike.

Yet God cries out to them. He longs for them to listen to His voice, follow His Spirit, and obey His Word.

Think about your life. Are you one of these people? Realize that God wants you to know Him more intimately and have a personal relationship with Him. He wants to talk with you, teach you, bless and protect you, and give you power, wisdom, and understanding. But you cannot receive this abundant blessing while you try to play god.

Surrender your life to Him, make Him the Lord of your life, and seek to do His will.