Grace & Supplication

Grace & Supplication

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The apostle John cited this when he described the death of Jesus on the cross. The Roman soldiers fulfilled this Scripture as they “pierced His side with a spear” and looked on “Him whom they pierced” (John 19:31-37). But there are also other aspects to this prophecy.

In Zechariah’s time, when people realized the sins they had committed, some reacted with intense mourning and heartfelt sorrow. For such people, God promised to pour out “the Spirit of grace and supplication.” If they genuinely were sorry for what they had done, He was ready to have mercy, to forgive and restore them.

These also are practical principles that apply in our daily lives. The Bible tells us that there may be times when we need to be corrected or judged. But we remember that God primarily is concerned about restoration, forgiveness, and blessing. He never forgets about mercy (Isaiah 58:6). When we truly repent, He always is there, waiting to forgive and restore us.

Today, no matter what you have done, realize how much God really loves you. Jesus died that you might be forgiven. No matter how serious your sins might be, confess them all to Him. He is ready to pour out His “Spirit of grace and of supplication” on you.

The Bible promises that your Heavenly Father will forgive you, take away your burdens and guilt, restore you, and give you the freedom and joy of the Spirit.