God’s Unique Calling

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Amos was not by nature a prophet. He did not come from a priestly family. He did not spend years preparing for ministry, and he was not involved with kings, generals, or other leaders of the kingdom. Instead, he was a “sheepbreeder.”

He had more special skills than an ordinary shepherd.  He was not a shepherd who, like David, spent time in the fields with the sheep. In contrast, the Hebrew word used to describe him suggests that Amos was more of an owner or manager, a businessman or breeder.

This may have seemed like a strange background for a prophet, but this was how God trained him. His unique background helped to make his ministry unusually fresh, unbiased, and focused. It prepared him for the specific work God wanted him to do.

God uniquely called and equipped Amos to accomplish His purposes. In different ways, He also prepared Peter, James, and John to be disciples by being fishermen. He prepared Luke to serve Him through a career in medicine. Matthew was called to be among Jesus’ twelve disciples even though he was a tax collector.

Through these examples, we can see how each person is different and how God has a unique ministry for each of us. He also has a specific plan to equip us for the work He wants us to do.

Today, remember that God has a special calling for you. He has given you unique gifts and talents. He has allowed you to go through unique experiences. He has given you unique burdens and interests.

Don’t question God or doubt His love for you. Instead, seek to obey Him, follow His leading, and cooperate with Him. Seek to be faithful in every task He gives you. Trust in Him.