God’s Thunder

God’s Thunder

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

For twenty years, the Ark of the Covenant had been under Philistine control. Israel wanted it back. What were they to do?

Samuel told them to start by getting their hearts right with God by removing foreign gods and worshiping Him alone. Then he called Israel together for a prayer meeting and fasting. As the nation sought God, He responded with thunder so loud that the Philistines became confused. Israel achieved a great victory, and the Ark was recaptured.

Some might have thought the noise was the key to victory. But noise alone wasn’t pivotal. Earlier when the Ark came into the camp, “all Israel shouted so loudly that the earth shook” (1 Samuel 4:5). Yet this noise did not prevent the Ark from being captured.

The difference? Earlier, it was just noise made by people. In the latter example, God was responding to a nation that had purified their hearts and focused on Him. He made the difference!

Today, some people still trust in noise and things – armies, wealth, and shouts. But believers know that everything starts with God. He is ready to help if we call on Him, our lives are pleasing to Him, and we trust Him. As you face challenges, make sure your heart is right before God. Seek first His kingdom. Ensure that Jesus is your Lord. Look to Him for the answers you need.