God’s Plans and Purposes

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Fear spread throughout the land and with understandable reason: Assyria had threatened God’s people. The Assyrian armies had been a military juggernaut, conquering with ruthless violence.Their enemies knew that they would receive harsh treatment…unless they yielded.

As Judah faced this reality and an uncertain future, God gave Isaiah a word that defined His perspective on Assyria and the world. He wanted His people to realize that nations may make their plans, armies may appear powerful, and kings may seek to shape events for their own advantage; but God has a greater plan and purpose encompassing all nations, and He is not affected by their boasts or threats.

This message still is important in our times. We, too, may hear the threats of nations and dictators. We can be overwhelmed by the world’s problems. But God wants us to remember that His plans will prevail. His purposes will be accomplished.

In your life, remember that God has a plan and purpose for you! He is ready to give you His peace and direct your steps. He waits to see your response to the choices you’ve been given: To whom will you listen? Whom will you trust? How will you spend your time and resources?

Remember to trust in the Lord with your whole heart. Acknowledge Him in every situation. Saturate your mind with His Word. Seek to become more sensitive to the presence and leading of His Spirit. Have faith in Him!