God’s Perspective

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

To Moses, the situation seemed hopeless. He was responsible for leading the children of Israel, and something needed to be done! Here they were, in the middle of the desert. They had few resources and needed a lot of food every day. They were surrounded by neighbors who would not help.

But when Moses complained, God firmly told him that He had not changed: “Has the Lord’s arm been shortened?” He still was God, and He could be trusted. He wanted Moses to know the Israelites should not trust their circumstances or be discouraged by the things that seemed to be true. He wanted them to move forward with faith, constantly and continually trusting in Him, even in situations that might seem impossible.

Moses was learning that there are no limits with God. His resources and power cannot be measured.

Do you face any situations that seem impossible? Perhaps you don’t know where you can get the resources you need. You may feel discouraged, outnumbered and overwhelmed. At times like these, remember to trust in God. He is with you, no matter what you go through.

Don’t allow your life to be dominated by your circumstances. Use these opportunities to seek God with greater intensity.

Ask God to guide and direct you. Stand firm on His promises, and be ready to move forward in faith.