God’s Many Dimensions

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Each of Job’s friends was convinced he had the only correct way of looking at life, and the correct understanding about what happened to him. Job, too, had his own ideas, expressing his opinions after listening to the explanation of his friends. Yet, going through his ordeal, he was forced to look at life in new ways.

Through the process, Job realized how easy it can be to focus on explanations that make sense to us, and support our own opinions. How easily we can develop biases and prejudices that really may not be true.

Grappling with the reality of life, Job was driven to dig deeper. He began to understand more of the mysteries and depth of God. As He made men speakers, He can render them speechless. As He gave men wisdom, He can make them lose their judgment. He can allow them to go forward with their conclusions, even if they are based on faulty foundations. He can remove wisdom, and bestow confusion and folly. He can exalt, and bring down.

Studying the book of Job, we realize anew our human frailty and limits. Regardless of how confident we may feel, in reality how imperfect we are! How foolish for us to give in to pride or arrogance. The simple truth is that we owe everything to God.

But, through His grace, we can have a personal relationship with Him. We can know that Jesus died for our sins, something Job never knew. We can be filled with His Spirit, Someone Job never knew. But all the while we are His vessels. His creatures. His children.