God’s Justice

God’s Justice

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Just a few years after his death in 1610, the Italian painter Caravaggio seemed to be forgotten. Throughout his short, often troubled life, he consistently had been a distinguished innovator. But others with clearly less talent seemingly achieved the fame that eluded him.

Art historians agree Giovanni Baglione imitated Caravaggio’s paintings and style. Baglione gained the popularity that Caravaggio deserved, as unfair as that seems to us.

Baglione even helped to diminish the legacy of Caravaggio by writing a biography of his rival, portraying him in unflattering ways. Among his conclusions were “some people thought he had destroyed the art of painting.”

But as one historian commented, today, “Caravaggio is everywhere acknowledged as a genius, while Baglione has become one of the most reviled artists who ever lived.”

Believers may go through experiences when life doesn’t seem fair. As the psalmist observed, it can appear that God stands “afar off” while we go through problems. It can seem that He is doing nothing. But the psalmist realized that God is “King forever and ever” (v. 16). In reality, He has “heard the desire of the humble” and promises to “strengthen their heart,” incline His ear, and “vindicate the orphan and the oppressed” (vs. 17-18).

Today, remember that God knows your heart and the truth about your life. Seek to be a good steward. Trust Him. Believe that He will reward you for your faithfulness.