God’s Isolation

God’s Isolation

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Joseph knew what it was like to be confined. He experienced it when his brothers threw him into a pit before they sold him to Ishmaelite traders. Then in Egypt, he spent time in prison after being falsely accused. Each time, Joseph had opportunities to think and pray.

We only can guess what he thought about – certainly about his past, his mistakes, and how others acted. But we know that when he emerged from his final imprisonment, he was wiser and more mature, ready to govern Egypt.

It’s no accident that when his brothers arrived in Egypt, Joseph sentenced them to prison. For three days, they lived in confinement where they had time to think about their lives and what they had said and done.

Their dialogue indicates that the time in prison affected them in major ways. This humbling experience must have been a time for soul searching and preparing them for their future.

God can confine us in many different ways. He might separate us from our normal activities, so we can be engaged in soul searching. We are forced to think about our lives, to consider our choices, our lifestyle, interests, pasts, and futures.

If you find yourself confined by God, use this as an opportunity for concentrated prayer. Reflect on your life. Read and study His Word. Let Him speak to you, refine you, and shape your thoughts and character.