God’s Guidance

God’s Guidance

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

The situations seemed identical. In both cases, separated by a matter of weeks, God’s prophet Elijah had practical needs. In both cases, God commanded that Elijah’s needs be met. However, He met those needs in totally different ways.

First, God sent Elijah to a brook where ravens brought his food. When the stream ran dry, God could have sent rain or commanded ravens to continue feeding Elijah. But instead, He sent Elijah to another location.

When he arrived, Elijah met a widow. She seemed like a very unlikely person to help Elijah. She had almost no food. Yet God commanded her to provide for Elijah.

God’s directions in these two situations could hardly have been more different. We see just how differently He can work in our lives. There are no limits to the ways in which He works and how He directs our lives.

He may answer a prayer, meet a need, or give a direction one way on one occasion. But this does not mean that He will act in the same way again. He often will meet our needs or answer prayer in completely different ways.

Today, remember that you serve Almighty God. He is sovereign. And His ways are not your ways. Never put Him in a box. Always remember that He can guide you and provide for you. And answer your prayers in unique ways.