God’s Chosen Leaders

God’s Chosen Leaders

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Life for the Israelites in the wilderness was difficult with a constant series of challenges. Certainly, many opinions became public and caused divisions.

One dispute took place when many grumbled after hearing the spies’ report about the Promised Land. They grumbled again after God declared that, because they lacked faith, they would not enter the land. They even decided to appoint a new leader and suffered a tragic defeat.

Later, Korah and other leaders rejected the leadership of Moses and Aaron. But God judged these men and the earth swallowed them and their families. Once again, some complained, resulting in a deadly plague.

As one final demonstration of God’s authority, each tribe was to bring a rod with its name. All twelve rods were placed in the tent of meeting. God decreed that “the staff of the man whom I choose will sprout” (v. 5). The next day, Aaron’s rod sprouted. Clearly Moses and Aaron were His chosen vessels.

Through His Word, God continually demonstrates that each person has a special calling, including leaders. We are like a body. Each person has a different function, each of which is important. Our task is to fulfill the role to which we are called and work together as a body (1 Corinthians 12:14-20).

Ask God to confirm your role in the body. Seek to fulfill His call on your life. Support others and help them fulfill God’s call on their lives.