God’s Book

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

How to write a “page-turner.” This is the goal of novelists, intent on hooking readers, so they can’t stop reading. Giving advice to aspiring novelists, one writer described how “unpredictability, fresh choices and surprises keep readers turning pages.”

It is this process of discovery that makes some novels so successful. Readers become intrigued by the characters and the situations they face, eager to learn what happens next.

We easily can approach our own lives as if they were novels, wondering what will happen in the future. We can find ourselves anxious, pondering how the plot of our life will unfold.

But our attitude changes when we realize that God is the author of our life. As David realized, God had a written a “book” of his life, even before he was born.

David said God knew everything about him and was “acquainted with all my ways.” The Lord knew what he would say, even before he said it.

This knowledge, David realized, was beyond his comprehension, “too wonderful for me.” He never could escape God’s presence, for the Lord saw David’s every action and knew every thought. Amazed by this, David wrote that “even the darkness hides nothing from You.”

David realized the vastness of God’s creative power. He could do no less than humble himself before God, seeking to be pure in His sight and pleasing to Him.

These truths apply to each of us. To God, the world is not a novel. He has no doubts about the outcome. With Him there are no mysteries. The only question is whether or not we will continue to worry and wonder, or whether we’ll trust in Him. As we think of God’s sovereignty, we are faced with our own limitations. We focus on Him and worship Him.

Remember: God’s book on your life already has been written. He loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life. He knows your past, your present, and your future.