God’s Assignment

God’s Assignment

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

It is not surprising that talented musicians were appointed to lead Israel’s “service of song.” They were chosen, in part, because of their musical abilities. However, the Bible suggests that their selection also reflected their organizational skills. The Bible used words typical of a court of law.

First, they were “appointed.” The Bible uses a word often used when taking the stand in a trial. They were in the place where they were assigned, where God wanted them. These musicians were honored for being dependable and reliable.

The Bible goes on to say that they served according to their “order” (v. 32). The Hebrew word here actually means a judgment or legal decision – a sentence or formal decree, even a verdict.

We can imagine how, at times, these men might have had different ideas about what to sing, their schedules, and duties. But ultimately, what mattered was God’s desire, their submission and obedience to Him, and their faithful service to His Kingdom.

We are reminded that God has given each of us talents, resources, and abilities. But we also need to be called and to submit our talents and abilities to Him. Then we need to focus on completing our individual assignments.

Surrender your life to God. Be ready to go where He wants you to go and do what He wants you to do. Be reliable. Serve Him. Commit to doing things His way.