Godly Discernment

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Eliphaz could see that Job had suffered great loss and was in pain and misery. As he observed Job’s dire problems, Eliphaz felt that he understood the source. He concluded that Job must have committed great wickedness and “iniquities without end.” He must have acted without compassion, been guilty of cruelty, and failed to show mercy.

Eliphaz believed that this “wickedness” was certainly the reason snares were “all around” Job, why he seemed to be in a dark place, and why he was covered by “a flood of water” (v. 16). Eliphaz decided that God was punishing Job and that his problems could be solved if Job just would confess his sins and change his ways.

But the Bible tells us that none of these accusations were true. The conclusions of Eliphaz (and his friends) were based not on facts or revelation from God, but on false assumptions and wrong conclusions. In fact, in the end, God was angry with them, telling Eliphaz, “You have not spoken of Me what is right as My servant Job has” (42:7).

How easy it can be for us to be like Eliphaz-drawing assumptions based on what we see on the surface, taking too much for granted, and not seeking God for His insights.

Today, ask God to give you greater discernment and a renewed commitment to truth. Ask Him for a spirit of compassion and a desire to listen. Seek His wisdom before drawing conclusions. Show His love. Be His witness, His ambassador, His servant.