Godly Counsel

Godly Counsel

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

King Jehoash did what was right but only as long as he was being instructed by Jehoiada, high priest when Jehoash’s father, Ahaziah, died. But Jehoash’s grandmother, Athaliah, was determined to stay in power and killed anyone who could rival her for control. Jehoash was the only survivor, hidden by a relative for six years before claiming the throne.

With Jehoiada by his side, Jehoash received wise counsel. But everything changed after Jehoiada died. When Judah was threatened by Aram, Jehoash agreed to their demands. He even gave them the “sacred offerings” (v. 18) previous kings had accumulated and all the gold from the treasuries of God’s house and the king’s own home. There is no sense that he turned to God. He bought temporary peace but became a weakened king, the leader of a weakened nation.

Years in the future during a similar crisis, King Hezekiah, aided by the wise counsel of Eliakim, turned to God and the prophet Isaiah. They responded to the threat posed by Assyria by seeking the Lord with intense prayer (2 Kings 18-19). As a result, God delivered them and gave them victory. But Jehoash did not have this kind of wise counselor. He didn’t call on God.

Remember the importance of having wise counsel. Be careful to whom you listen. Consult people who know God personally and are sensitive to His Spirit. Base your life on His Word. Submit every thought to Him.