God of Our Fathers

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Daniel Roberts knew the pain that had gripped his country. A chaplain in the American Civil War, he had witnessed death and suffering, and knew that deep divisions remained.

These thoughts were vivid as July 4, 1876, approached, a day that would mark the centennial of the Declaration of Independence. Struggling to express his thoughts to his small Vermont church, he felt inspired to write a poem focusing on America’s founding fathers, and how God had guided and blessed them. It was called “God of our Fathers.”

He described how all Believers could look to creation and realize that He was God over all creation. That His “almighty hand leads forth in beauty all the starry band, of shining worlds in splendor through the skies.” That all Believers, North and South, should sing “grateful songs” before His throne.

He reminded Americans that God’s love had led them in the past. That as a people they needed to make Him their “Ruler, Guardian, Guide and Stay,” and declare His Word to be their law. To choose to follow His paths.

He prayed for God’s blessing. The way may have been “toilsome” but He could refresh them, and lead them “from night to never ending day.” He prayed that God would fill their “lives with love and grace divine.” And that all would respond by giving Him the praise and glory.

Today, be grateful for all God has done. But also remember to pray for His guidance and direction for our country. He was the God of our fathers. And He still is God.