God Knows

God Knows

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Bartolomeo di Francesco Cristofori died in relative obscurity. In fact, although he was born in northern Italy on this day in 1655, very little is known about his life.

We know that he became the maker of harpsichords, the most common keyboard musical instrument of that time. His reputation brought him to the attention of an influential prince who owned many harpsichords and hired Cristofori to build new ones.

Although somewhat popular, harpsichords had limits. Because of their construction, each note had an identical volume. And only the rich and powerful could afford them.

Cristofori became determined to find a solution. This lead to the development of what we know as the piano, an instrument that could play both loud and soft.

Word spread about his innovation. Eventually pianos became known and available throughout the world. Yet Cristofori failed to win riches or fame for his invention. But his invention changed musical history forever.

The Bible tells us that many people have been faithful throughout their lives and done many remarkable things, yet died without receiving recognition or even what was promised. But we also are reminded that God knows and that He rewards those who have been faithful. Others might not know, but He knows.

Seek to be faithful with the gifts and talents you have been given. The people in Hebrews 11 were faithful with what they had been given. Trust God to reward you in His time and way.