Go Tell It on the Mountain

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Laboring in often harsh and demanding conditions, slaves in 19th century America served as everything from midwives to blacksmiths. Yet, in many ways, their most visible role was as agricultural laborers. But, while their bodies remained in bondage, many found hope through faith in Jesus. Because of Him, their spirits could soar in freedom and they could sing for joy!

They realized that His birth changed life for all who would believe. A song rose up in the hearts of unknown slaves that they titled, “Go Tell It on the Mountain.”

These slaves celebrated a Savior with whom they could relate: “Down in a lowly manger, the humble Christ was born and God sent us salvation that blessèd Christmas morn.”

They didn’t want to just whisper the announcement, but shout it. They sang the Good News so everyone could hear: “Go tell it on the mountain, over the hills and everywhere … that Jesus Christ is born.”

This was the testimony of anonymous slaves. But millions of other men and women of all races also have felt the joy of sins forgiven and received hope in otherwise hopeless conditions. This was the kind of excitement that Paul felt after his conversion. He had to tell everyone that Jesus truly was the Son of God.

Today, are you excited about what Jesus has done for you? For a minute, think what you would be like if Jesus had not been born. And ask God to help you remember that He has forgiven your sins, taken away your burdens, and given you eternal life! Do not be complacent or allow the world to bottle up your testimony. Praise Him! Thank Him! Rejoice? And share this Good News with others.