Functioning as a Body

Functioning as a Body

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

The people of Israel were divided into twelve tribes with many families and individuals – all with many opinions. Yet, as this passage reminds us, they functioned as one at times.

We see how each tribe had specific functions. And each performed their assignments without resistance. Individuals accepted their roles and worked diligently without complaining.

This was possible in part because there were “energetic” leaders (TLB) who could motivate the people to do their part without rivalry or competition. These men could unite the people and encourage them to function to the best of their abilities.

Having been led and directed by wise leaders, the people in each tribe then found it easier to focus, to do what they did best, and to do their specific assignments.

This is a picture of how the body of Christ should function. Each person should recognize that he or she has unique skills, has been given unique gifts and abilities, and has unique responsibilities.

Believers should respond without any sense of competition or rivalry. We should not resist the work we have been called to do, but we should function with energy and excellence. Encouraging leaders can foster efficiency, cooperation, and unity with proper direction.

Ask God to show you clearly your specific mission in the body. Be ready to use the resources and gifts He has given you to serve Him. Seek to fit together with other believers.