Fully Preached

Fully Preached

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Paul was concerned that believers in Rome might not have received all the spiritual resources they needed. He assured them that he had “fully preached” the Gospel message everywhere he had traveled. He also told them he was coming with “the fullness” of blessings.

Clearly Paul was indicating that it was possible to preach part of the message. What, then, is a “fully preached” Gospel? What makes it complete?

Paul used related Greek words that suggest a message that is finished. It’s carried out to the maximum, like a container that is completely full.

The message here is that there was something more, something unique that distinguished this full Gospel. This Gospel is vast and far-reaching. It impacts everything about life, and it is without limits.

This full Gospel is not concerned about making us more popular, or helping us impress people, but making us sanctified by the Holy Spirit. It gives us a life that has been transformed, is pure, consecrated, and dedicated to God. It’s a life focused on God and designed to make us sensitive to His Spirit – a life filled with faith.

Don’t be satisfied with a partial Gospel in your life. Don’t stop at thoughts that are imitations and superficial messages. Don’t settle for second-hand beliefs or just part of His blessings. May your heart hunger for the “fully preached Gospel,” for all that God has prepared for you. Don’t be satisfied with anything less.