Fulfilling God’s Plan

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

On this day in 1877, 53-year-old Anton Bruckner stood before the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra to conduct the premiere of his Third Symphony. After years of rejection by the musical establishment, this finally was his opportunity to hear his music played by a world-class orchestra.

But soon after the opening chords, the audience began streaming for the exits. It had been a planned sabotage. When the symphony ended, only a few people remained in the audience. Instead of being a triumph for Bruckner, this was a crushing defeat. Overwhelmed by this rejection, Bruckner stood on the podium, tears streaming down his cheeks.

Following this catastrophe, many colleagues urged him to change directions and stop writing symphonies that no one seemed to understand. But Bruckner, a devout Christian, felt this would be compromising his convictions. He felt that he had a call from God. He knew that someday God would call him and ask, “Where is the talent which I have given you?”

He felt that he had to obey God and not cave in to popular opinion. Eventually, Bruckner would be vindicated and acclaimed as a great composer. But this would have been impossible without his commitment.

Today, each of us has many decisions to make. What should we do with our lives? What should we do with our time? Our resources? Jesus had a clear vision of His mission and the purpose of His life. He left us an example of obedience and faithfulness.

Every day we have opportunities to decide which path we want to take. Faced with problems, uncertainties, and temptations, we must choose between following Jesus, or taking the path of compromise.

Surrender your life to God. Seek to be faithful in fulfilling the goals that He has given you.