From the Hand of God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Composer Carl Orff had achieved modest success, but no real breakthroughs. Born in Munich, Germany, in 1895, he primarily became known as an educator. Then, he discovered ancient texts, known as “Carmina Burana,” a collection of poems (written in the 13th century by a group of poet-musicians) that celebrated a carnal lifestyle. Orff chose 24 songs and set them to music, written for soloists, choruses, and orchestra.

When this music was debuted (on this day in 1937), it became clear that it would change Orff’s life. After the triumphant premiere, he wrote that everything he previously had written “can be destroyed.”

Today, millions have heard this music without knowing about Orff. Its raw, earthy sound has been used in the countless movie soundtracks, programs, trailers, and even commercials. As one scholar described, “Carmina Burana” is now shorthand for “action movie.”

Listening to its words (sung in Latin), listeners may not realize that Orff was celebrating a party-filled lifestyle. One movement proclaims that, in a tavern, they don’t worry about God or morality. “We do not think how we will go to dust, but we hurry to gamble.” With alcohol-induced minds, they drink in mock honor of the Christians. “To the Pope as to the king they all drink without restraint.” They drink, and drink, and drink.

The words Orff made famous may have been written hundreds of years ago, yet still echo a lifestyle many embrace, looking for escapes, willing to ignore God and His Word.

The Bible urges us to remember that we only find meaning by serving God. That real satisfaction comes only from His hand.