From the Beginning to the End

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The future was uncertain. The Israelites were preparing to enter the Promised Land, and they still remembered the warnings of the 10 spies—how the land was filled with giants and obstacles that seemed impossible to overcome. The very thought of these giants caused them to react with fear and doubt.

Yet Moses wanted them to focus not on the giants, but on the promises of God. He knew they needed to remember all the Lord had done for them, in Egypt and in the wilderness. He encouraged them to realize that God’s eyes were specifically on the Promised Land, from the first of the year until the last.

The Lord would be with them when they set foot in the land and would stay with them every step of the way. Because of His presence, they could move forward with confidence, trusting Him in everything.

This promise applies in our lives as well. Just like the Israelites, we can know that God is with us every moment of our lives—through trials and tribulations, in good weather and bad, when we face opposition and experience problems, when we feel secure, and when we face danger.

As you end another year, take this opportunity to look back and see how God has been with you. He was with you at the beginning, and He is with you today. And He will be with you in the new year. You can trust Him, for His eyes are on you!