Following God’s Patterns

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

In the 40 days Moses spent alone with God on the mountain, he was given His laws. God provided His expectations and standards, and described special days His people were to celebrate each year. And He provided details about the tabernacle (and the furniture within it), and the kinds of offerings that were acceptable.

As He described these instructions, God referred to the “pattern” that Moses had been shown. The Hebrew word here describes a model for construction. Like the blueprint of a building, providing the framework and design, and each step they were to follow throughout the process. God was giving them all the guidance they needed. All they had to do was obey Him, and follow the steps that He provided.

While this applied to the tabernacle, God was giving us insight into all His interactions with us. Through His Word, He gives us His expectations and standards. The things we should do and not do. He warns us about traps and temptations we should avoid. He gives us insights into how to be successful and healthy, and receive His fullest blessings.

He has given us His patterns. The challenge is how we respond. His desire is that we learn His Word and study His patterns and principles. He wants us to follow His blueprints, confident that this is the way to receive blessings, and live victoriously.

Many people don’t react that way. They have their own ideas. Some have questions or doubts. Others resist and want to remain independent. But these reactions miss the point. God really wants to bless us. But His riches and fullest blessings are given to those who follow His patterns. Our task is to listen to His voice, learn the patterns He gives us in His Word, and then apply them in our lives.