Focusing on Jesus

Focusing on Jesus

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Derived from the French word for a crib, crèche has come to describe a three-dimensional representation of the scene when Jesus was born. Today, millions of churches, homes, and businesses are decorated with a crèche. According to history, this tradition began with Saint Francis of Assisi, born around 1181, whose example of humility and faith has inspired countless millions.

In the days leading up to Christmas 1223, Francis decided to set up a visual display in the church in a town in Italy. A biographer described the impact, writing that the town “was transformed almost into a second Bethlehem.”

The entire community seemed to enter in, and “neighborhood people prepared with joy.” Many brought “candles and torches to illumine the night that has been the light of the world through its star. That wonderful night seemed like the fullest day to both man and beast for the joy they felt at the renewing of the mystery.”

Throughout this celebration, Francis had the right priorities. He knew this crèche was not an object of worship itself, but a way to point people to Jesus and celebrate His birth.

During the Christmas season in our times, much of the world is filled with decorations and celebrations. But the true meaning often is lost or forgotten.

This season, be sure that Jesus is your priority. Praise and worship Him. Let your life and all you do bring Him glory.