Feeling All Alone

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

David felt that he was at “the end of the earth.” Alone and vulnerable, with no one to comfort or reassure him. To stand with him. In this place of isolation, his heart was “overwhelmed.”

How did he respond? He cried to God. He looked to Him to provide a place of safety and security: a “rock that is higher than I.”

Looking back at his life, he realized how God had been His shelter. He could hide in Him, and find security, comfort, and protection. But God also was a “strong tower from the enemy.” From this place of perspective, he could see far into the distance, in all directions. He could see the present and how events would unfold in the future.

But this was only possible as he looked to God, and trusted in Him.

We see this picture as he declared his commitment to “abide in Your tabernacle forever.” For the tabernacle was a place of God’s presence, where he could fellowship with Him. There his isolation didn’t seem to matter. It didn’t matter that he felt vulnerable and that he could not find people to help and comfort him. He was able to find everything he needed with God.

In your life, do you feel vulnerable? Are you feeling all alone? Afraid? Remember the message David discovered. You aren’t alone, for God is with you. Call on Him. Tell Him every detail of your need. Hide yourself in Him. Trust in Him. Accept His peace. Be assured that He will be your shield and your strong tower.