Faulty Logic

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Satan’s ideas made perfect sense to Eve. While appealing to her senses, his arguments also seemed to be filled with logic. These ideas seemed desirable, and she wanted them to be true.

Taking the form of the serpent, the devil promised tangible benefits from eating the fruit God had forbidden. In the process, Satan convinced her that there would be no penalty for disregarding God, and that God did not really mean what He said. Instead of being punished, her eyes would be opened.

Eve willingly believed Satan’s interpretation. In her weaknesses and vulnerability, she was convinced that he was right. She never stopped to think about God or consider that she should ask Him about Satan’s claims. Instead, she became willing to ignore the Lord’s commands.

Perhaps she simply knew that God would not confirm Satan’s interpretation. Reinforced by Satan’s encouragement, “she took from its fruit and ate.”

Satan tempts each of us in similar ways. He presents us with ideas that seem to make sense, because they are consistent with our personal desires and we want them to be true.

In these moments, we become vulnerable. Like Eve, we face the choice of staying true to God’s promises or listening to Satan’s crafty logic. As Believers, we are given these examples as warnings. We must be alert and realize that we will face the same kinds of temptations as Eve did.

In your life, remember that you will be tempted in many ways. These temptations may sound inviting and attractive. Make sure that you don’t just follow your feelings or do what seems to make sense. Always stay focused on God. If you have doubts, check His Word. Commit your questions to Him, and stay on guard.