Failures and Problems

Failures and Problems

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Paul had experienced several problems during his visit to Thessalonica. There had been friction between the Jews and the Gentiles that created an environment of turmoil. Slipping away secretly at night, Paul left an environment of chaos (Acts 17). In his letter, the apostle felt compelled to defend his actions, claiming that his time there was not a failure (Expanded Bible).

When Timothy returned to that city, he reported that there were lingering issues. Paul’s letter, in part, was an effort to address these concerns. He admitted facing strong opposition. He had both suffered and been insulted. The Greek word, used here for the only time in the Bible, suggested that what happened was not unique. He had been treated in a way that was outrageous and even shameful.

Using his personal experiences as a frame of reference, Paul wanted the Thessalonians to understand that becoming Christians does not free us from problems. Nor do we become perfect overnight.

This letter is filled with principles each of us must learn about walking by faith. It encourages us to persevere and depend on God. To stay faithful even when circumstances look discouraging, and serve Him under any condition. To be people of prayer, turning to God for whatever help we need.

Trust God in every situation you face today. Seek to be faithful. Stand on His Word. As you face problems, ask Him for the help you need. Commit your challenges to Him, and stay persistent.