Explaining the Father

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

King Charles II (of England) developed a view of God that justified fathering fourteen illegitimate children and having a mistress. Genghis Khan declared that God had given him an empire, and the right to decide who would live (and who would die). Others have developed definitions that justified slavery, conducting wars, and even committing crimes.

Yes, throughout time, people have defined God in their own image, according to their own interests. In the process, many religions and philosophies have been developed.

But, if we really want to know about God, we simply need to look at the life of Jesus. The Bible tells us that He came to “explain” who the Father was, and what He was like. The Greek word suggests that He showed the right way. He was leading us to draw the correct conclusion, and providing a living example.

Thus, through His life and ministry, Jesus was teaching us about the Father. He was making Him known, interpreting Him, giving an account of Him, elaborating on Him, explaining His character and nature. Helping us understand His priorities and plans. Showing us how He looks at us (as individuals) and at the world.

This was to be a central part of His ministry. He was a Messiah whose goal was to point people to the Father.

Through His own life, Jesus provided a model for our lives. We, too, are to explain the Father to people in our time. Our world is filled with many versions of “god” and “religion.” With many definitions and opinions. But, as disciples of Jesus, we have the opportunity to know the Truth. To know the only true God. And we have the opportunity to help others know Him, too.